Alarm Clock App Reviews

88 add


missed my job interview today. thanks alarm clock app.

Crap dont download

Hate the auto open at launch feature. It is hidden, and makes the app and the producers crap.

Can’t shut laptop!

Great and all, but it requires you to leave your laptop open for the alarm to go off. And there can’t be headphones/speakers plugged in or it will just go off in those. I set alarms because I’ll FORGET or just never wake up if I don’t. If I set an alarm for 6 days from now (for an appointment or whatever it is), I’m not going to remember that I have to keep my laptop open this time when I head to bed. This needs to be able to override a shut laptop, because if I set an alarm for a certain time, I set it for a reason, and I expect it to go off no matter what until I come shut it off. You’re supposed to be able to set your Mac to start up beforehand so that your alarm will go off anyway, but why on earth would I go root around in my preferences every time I want to set another alarm? What a hassle. But when you say, “Sorry, my alarm didn’t go off!” no one cares, they’re just mad that you’re late. Just can’t risk it on a poorly developed and poorly thought out app like this. Have to find something else. Might use this as a kitchen timer.

Bug in 24hrs mode...

I missed my 1st alarm. I set the clock to ring at 1:55pm for a meeting and then started looking around the settings to switch to the 24hrs mode. However, if you switch preferences once the alarm is set, it removes the am/pm indicator instead of converting the time. So my alarm changed to 1:55 the next day instead of 13:55 on this day as it was set for. Not impressed.

App caused me system to crash. Lost my progress.

I installed this app so I could wake up my wife for an appointment while I worked from home. I had managed to get a lot done when I thought "I wonder how the app is making out". I clicked the icon in the dock and my system rebooted. I lost all my work. My own fault for not saving but (explative) I never would have thought an app would crash my system. Worst part, I thought it was a glitch. Unrelated to the app and I tried again… I clicked to maximize the window for the app and it crashed my system again. My only saving grace is that I didn’t pay for it. Running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 on MacBook Pro 15-inch. 2.8 GHz i7, 16GB Ram, 2GB Video I have never had a problem running anything. This computer is a beast. But this app took it out at the knees. I recommend you avoid it.

Lets be Real people

I kind of love the Mac App Store,a good place to get software for your Mac.I personally wanted a 1st Party Mac app for clock, but since this software is reliable and good enough ,I wake up timely .And this is all that matters to me in a good Alarm Software.Kudos to devs.I might upgrade to the paid version after a few weeks

Stopped working

I used to use this regularly, and I relied on it. Then a few weeks (maybe months?) it started working intermittently. Now it never works. Programmer, please look into this!

Doesn’t play sounds *and* launches iTunes app!

I am running El Capitan and when the alarm goes off the app shows itself and launches iTunes but does not play the alarm sound I chose (“Old Fashioned”). That’s a showstopper.

How Can I Uninstall This App?

How can I unistall this?


After 6 weeks of having it installed it crashed completley and wouldnt open again. worst app ever!!! so glad i didnt pay for the pro

Good for Pomodoro --Old version did not work as Classroom Timer

I love the new version Im using it for Pomodoro Technique at home. It is super easy to set and I love the bell sound. I have not tried to use it as a wake-up alarm, so havent had problems coordinating it so the computer is awake I used the old version as a teacher and the alarm sounds were too disruptive for my students with autism and HDD (there was spontanious dancing by my HDDs, love them!!). Im going to try this new version with the broader array of soft sounds. Ill give it a 5 if I can use it in the classroom

Great alarm clock app!

Wish the alarms were a teensy bit louder, but all in all a great app!


Just got it, it’s way to confusing a hoped it would be easier. Makes a weird sound and Im gonna delete it in when Im done here. I wouldn’t get it It probably would make more sense if you actually wanted to upgrade and pay money for it.

Didn’t Work!

I’ve had this alarm for a while and it hasn’t worked. Last night, I made sure that sleep was off and the sould was up, in case my past problems were my own fault. I woke up about a half hour after the alarm should have gone off. It was still set as if the time had not yet arrived. And, yes, I had the am/pm correct. I’m just glad that I didn’t spend any money on this.


I dont care for this app. It does the job for the most part. But I find it a bit frustrating for two reasons. 1). It doesnt tab over, you have to click on the actual box to change the time. I can be trying to put the time :45 and the numbers wont just enter 45 you have to click it several times before it will actually get the desired digits. If I enter 45 it will put 05. So I have to play with various combinations before it will actually be right. Also it is buggy in that I will have to click on the box several times before it will register that I want to make a change, so its slow proccess time. 2). The adds are annoying. It constantly reminds me that I have a free version so it wants me to upgrade. There is a box that you can click that says “dont show this message again” or something like that, “click ok I got it” but it will pop up again after a day or two. So that is annoying. If a free app is going to be annoying and buggy that I have desire to purchase or upgrade the app. If I really like the free version of an app its possible I might upgrade to enjoy the paid features. I wish app companies would realize that. I dont like spending money on an app that I might hate and cant get a refund. So I am trying to find another alarm clock app that is simple and less buggy.

I find this app…...

I got this app and it is nicely setup. I was upset when I could not have a lot of features because you have to buy full app to get them. I would have to pay $2.45 to get your own custom made alarm must ect. If you would like to purchase something for that price I think it is a great deal if you have the extra money for this app. Hope you find this helpful and that you remember that this is just my opinion of the app so don’t change your mind just because of this review. Before deciding on purchasing this app that you glance at some of the other reviews. Thank You, Anonymous app$

Doesn’t Work

It just doesn’t go off.

Ms. Patty

I really enjoy this app. Very easy to use and the alarm always goes off. Definitely would recommend.

Simple free app that does one thing well

This free version has only a single alarm, but it works perfectly.

Not very happy with the one time I used it

I guess because it was on my Mac… but I had to type in my password to actually get to the app again. I woke up 4 minutes before the alarm and I expected to see the clock right there - but nope. Prefer to use the iPad.

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